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Ben & Mayra Stern, Realtors with Stern Realty in Toscana Highland Beach Florida 33487 take pride in giving excellent service!

Thinking of selling or buying a condo in Toscana Highland Beach Florida 33487? Before you use another real estate company, please, give us a chance to show you why we are different. There are many things we can say about the high quality of service we provide to our home seller and home buyer clients, but probably none would be as credible as testimonials from some of our clients themselves. So please, take a moment to read the following testimonials from our past Toscana Highland Beach Florida 33487 clients. We hope they indicate our experience and integrity, as well as make it clear how much we enjoy helping people with their real estate needs in our community of Toscana Highland Beach Florida 33487.

“This letter will serve as our highest recommendation for Mayra & Ben Stern. Over the years, we have worked with many real estate brokers and agents and can say with confidence that Mayra & Ben are truly the best of the best. They have the professional and ethical qualities that make their team extremely successful and effective. They hold themselves to a high level of integrity and are very conscientious and tenacious, always keeping the client’s best interest in mind. They prepared extensive research to assist with defining a fair market value of the property and then, when the time comes, utilizing their market research and analysis, they negotiate effectively with the opposing broker on behalf of their client. ”
Lorene & Michael K. – Toscana North Highland Beach Florida 33487 Seller

“When we were ready to sell our condo, we contacted Ben & Mayra Stern to represent us. Based on sales in our building complex we expected to sell in 7 months. Ben & Mayra found a buyer in 2 months thanks to their unbelievable marketing efforts. They walked us through every step and assisted us in getting a lawyer to handle the sale. Whenever we had a question, they were extremely quick to respond. Their knowledge and guidance in pricing our apartment correctly from day one really made a difference. I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell in South Florida. Thank you, Ben & Mayra!”
Eileen Swindling – Toscana North Highland Beach Florida 33487 Seller

“My family and I have used Mayra and Ben Stern for rental properties. They are knowledgeable, reliable, warm, friendly and diligent. They provide info about the community, the town and the city. They are hard working and will do a great job for you! Highly recommend them!!!”
Anna T. – Toscana North Highland Beach Florida 33487 Owner

“Ben and Myra Stern have represented us on both the buy and sell side. We found them to be effective, hardworking, reliable and totally trustworthy brokers. They are very knowledgeable about the market and have extensive marketing skills using the internet. It is a pleasure to work with them.”
Eric D. – Highland Beach Florida 33487 Buyer & Seller

“I have used the services of Ben and Mayra Stern to both sell and buy properties. They are the most honest, hard-working real estate agents you will ever come across. They will give you the best information to get your home sold or bought quickly.”
Ellen S. –  Toscana North Highland Beach Florida 33487 Buyer & Seller

“Mayra and Ben Stern are the most ethical and honest real estate agents I have met. Over the past 30 years I have moved and bought and sold 6 properties so I have experience with many agents, not all good, many self serving. They have offered concrete advice on how to sell my NY property that languished in finding a buyer although they had no financial gain. Their advice was correct, I adjusted the price and it sold very quickly. I would highly recommend them without hesitation to sell/ buy your property.”
Helen M. – Toscana North Highland Beach Florida 33487 Owner

“Ben and Mayra Stern were the listing brokers for the condominium we purchased in Toscana in Highland Beach. They did an excellent job; not only were they highly professional and capable, but also they went above and beyond what other realtors have done in terms of providing support during the transaction, assisting us throughout the transition (including during renovations) and following up with every single concern or issue that arose, even after the closing. Moreover, they provide support for the wider community through a social media page they maintain that offers information about a broad range of Toscana-related topics. I offer my highest recommendation of Ben and Mayra Stern as professional realtors committed to their clients and their community.”
Alexander E. – Toscana North Highland Beach Florida 33487 Buyer

“I have used Stern Reality both Mayra and Ben. They are two of the most courteous knowledgeable and helpful people I have worked with. If anyone is looking for a home it is definitely worth giving them a call.”
Pat F. – Toscana North Highland Beach Florida 33487 Owner

“I could not recommend Ben and Mayra Stern more highly. They helped us sell our unit in Toscana and purchase another unit in Toscana. They were the consummate professionals and went above and beyond what any other realtor would have done. The fact that they live in the community made them accessible on a moment’s notice to show our unit. When we wanted to look at other units at Toscana to purchase that were listed by other brokers, we had to go through a whole process just to make an appointment and schedule times for the broker to travel to the community to show us their listing. It was never as easy or or as convenient as it was when we used Mayra and Ben Stern. Why is this important? Many people looking at Toscana are in town for a short period of time and don’t have much flexibility regarding visiting potential properties. With Mayra and Ben living in the community, they made themselves readily available to potential buyers for our unit on a moment’s notice. This made a big difference and got our unit sold in under two weeks for a then record price.”
Peter S. – Toscana North Highland Beach Florida 33487 Buyer & Seller

“Dear Ben and Mayra,
It has been a pleasure working with both of you for the sale of my Toscana unit. You have both been extremely professional, thorough, and very knowledgeable throughout the entire process. In addition, you have also been of the highest integrity, and this is a quality often lacking in realtors and brokers. As a team, you have exceeded my high expectations from listing to closing. Most sellers know that there is quite a lot of competition for listings in Toscana. And any educated seller knows that there is one realtor who has the majority of the listings. Had I not interviewed your team, I would have gone with this realtor, and based on my research, been very disappointed. He creates unrealistic expectations on pricing, and does not show the home personally most of the time. You guys did not promise me a fantasy price for my unit, but a realistic price. You also were present for all showings, and very patient with potential buyers. You were also available on very short notice to show the unit. Because of this, we were able to sell the property on a very timely basis, and for a price very close to asking. At my ripe old age of 63, I have been through many real estate transactions. I can say from the bottom of my heart that you guys represent the highest level of service I have ever experienced. You should both feel very proud of Stern Realty, and your individual efforts. Again, thanks for your attentive and caring service.”
Bill Goldberg – Toscana North Highland Beach Florida 33487 Seller

“It is my sincere pleasure to write this letter in regards to the outstanding service provided to me by Mayra and Ben Stern in selling my condominium at 3740 South Ocean Blvd. Highland Beach, FL. The service they provided went above and beyond all my expectations and was truly out of the ordinary. Since my primary residence is out of state, it was desirable that I found a broker that had the ability to pursue and follow up on prospective buyers using pertinent data and timely execution of marketing strategies. Mayra and Ben used expert discretion when it came to communication and information gathering to pinpoint what I needed and when to involve me for necessary decisions and input. Their marketing techniques exceeded even the most seasoned brokers. They use every outlet imaginable including traditional print, lead farming, website ads, and social media. Their methods are seamless and relentless in nature, constantly moving toward that final goal of the sale. My gratitude is boundless for the work they have done for me and I have no reservations whatsoever in recommending them to anyone looking to sell their property quickly, easily and for a maximized profit.”
Gerald Musano – Toscana South Highland Beach Florida 33487 Seller

“Mayra and Ben were wonderful to work with when it came to selling my FL condominium in Toscana, Highland Beach, FL. At our first meeting, they suggested a very fair marketable price for the listing. They were very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. I had great confidence in them. Among the many things that they did for me were:
· They personally showed the condo (and sold the Toscana Lifestyle) 13 times. They accommodated the showings, even the ones that were short notice, 7 days a week.
· They did tons of online marketing, mail outs, and a Broker’s Open.
· The property was on the market 113 days (a little over 3 months).
· They provided me information about other condos for sale, under contract, and sold, that helped with my decision making about the price.
· Compared to the commission many other real estate agents charge, they saved me about $13,000 (5% vs. 6%, on a $1,300,000 sale).
· They notified me of each showing appointment and gave me feedback each time.
· They gave me regular updates.
· They helped all parties obtain any information they needed, assisted with the appraisal & inspections, scheduling and meeting the charity organization that came to pick up the furniture, meeting with repairmen to fix the sliding glass door locks, & much more.
I would not hesitate to recommend them.”
Elena McTighe – Toscana North Highland Beach Florida 33487 Seller

“Ben & Mayra did it all while we were up North. Their service was excellent, seamless, and detail oriented. Less than two weeks and the condo was sold. Could not be happier.”
Jack Stein – Toscana North Highland Beach Florida 33487 Seller

“Almost 2 years ago, we were recommended by an employee to use an agent who was supposedly the best in Toscana. One and half years later, with our place sitting vacant, hardly any showings, and no offers, we decided to hire Ben & Mayra Stern, who live right here in Toscana. In only a few short months, they showed our place 17 times during the slow Toscana off season, brought us 4 offers in writing, and were able to get us a full price offer. They helped us with everything, including the inspection, cleaning and emptying our home, the walk through, and the closing, all without us ever needing to go back to Florida. Their service is unbelievable and they saved us over $10,000 in commissions. We could not have sold our place without them. Thank you so much, Ben & Mayra! I want to express our appreciation for everything you have done for us”.
Betty Shames – Toscana South Highland Beach Florida 33487 Seller

“Dear Mayra and Ben, I wanted to thank you so very much for the professional way in which you handled my real estate. I felt very comfortable with you both . I would gladly recommend you to my friends or anyone that needs real estate assistance in the future. Thanks again for all your help and for renting out my place so quickly. Warm Regards.”
Frank Mannarino – Toscana North Highland Beach Florida 33487 Owner

“We love Stern Realty-very knowledgeable-honest and friendly.”
Nancy W. – Toscana Highland Beach Florida 33487 Buyer

“Thank you both for all your hard work. The help with the small details was of tremendous value and will never be forgotten. Hopefully we can send business your way.”
Jack S. – Toscana North Highland Beach Florida 33487 Seller

“We have used Ben and Mayra on both the buy-side and sell-side of our condo transactions and can highly recommend them for their effectiveness and skills. They are very knowledgeable about the local market and make effective use of on-line technologies in advertising their listings. They are hard working, energetic and accommodating to other brokers – even on short notice. They are very communicative, keeping us informed of all developments and feedbacks. They are very friendly and a pleasure to work with.”
Eric – Highland Beach Florida 33487 Buyer & Seller

“We hired Stern Realty as our listing agent for our condo at Toscana in Highland Beach and as an agent for the purchase of a new condo in Florida. We could not have made a better choice. Ben and Mayra were a complete pleasure to work with, responsive, always willing to go the extra mile, and most importantly – nice people! They sold our condo in 10 days and found us a new home. We would highly recommend them to someone looking to buy or sell a home.”
Peter Spirgel – Toscana Highland Beach Florida 33487 Seller and Buyer

“Dear Mayra and Ben:
I could not have found better agents to handle the sale of my condo apartment. I greatly appreciate your concern, guidance and thoroughness. Your help in every respect was above and beyond my expectations. Not only was your performance most efficient, but you made every effort to conclude the transaction to the satisfaction of all involved. It is without hesitation and with pleasure that I will recommend your services to others. Again, many thanks. It was marvelous dealing with you.
Judith Weitzmann – Toscana North Highland Beach Florida 33487 Seller 

“Mayra & Ben are both warm and caring people who possess a tremendous knowledge of the South Florida Real Estate Market! They are such nice people to work with! Thanks so much for all of the great advice and help you’ve given to my kids!”
Jeff C. – Toscana Highland Beach, Florida 33487 Owner

“Ben and Mayra are very hard working knowledgeable people. They are very familiar with the local real estate market and are a ‘class act’. We were trying to rent our apartment and did a lot of work to help us in this effort. We unfortunately had to cancel the listing and they were very understanding. ”
Peter Bass – Toscana Highland Beach, Florida 33487 Owner

“Although I did not know them when I bought my Florida property 8 years ago the Stern’s were great with accurate and appropriate friendly advice on the sale of two of my Homes in NY over the past two years when I was having difficulty with each of these homes’ sales even though they had no vested / financial involvement in the sales. I listened to their professional advice on proper listing, staging, pricing and subsequent appropriate reduction of the prices based on review of the areas comps. They walked me through the process and steps how to avoid the loss of the sales. They could anticipate every possible roadblock to the closing and advise me how to prevent and / or deal with each issue . They were right on the mark to help me get the offers and subsequent sales. I just closed on my last NY property on 9/29/17 that had been on and off the market for 3 years. If I were to sell my Florida property or purchase a new property here I most certainly would hire them as my agents.”
Helen – Toscana Highland Beach Florida 33487 owner

“As a first-time condo owner, I had a significant adjustment period going from a large single family home to condo living. Even after the transaction concluded, I needed help navigating rules and protocols of condominiums. I asked numerous people for assistance, but it wasn’t until I met the Sterns that I was able to get the resources I needed. While they did not act as my realtor, they were extremely helpful in providing resources making it so much easier to get settled. Their knowledge of the area makes them my go to for almost anything I need. I have never paid them, and I have no plans to sell, yet they continue to provide resources that make my life easier and better. I have never met a realtor who does so much for their community while getting nothing in return. I would have no hesitation in recommending Stern Realty.”
Eileen – Toscana Highland Beach Florida 33487

“Ben y Mayra,
Ha sido un placer trabajar con ustedes los últimos dos años en los que pudimos rentar nuestro apartamento a un precio razonable y ha personas muy agradables. Ustedes son personas muy profesionales y diligentes en su trabajo y es por eso la efectividad en los negocios. Esperamos poder seguir haciendo negocios con ustedes y con las personas que recomiendan como clientes.
Familia Velez – Toscana West Highland Beach Florida 33487 Owner